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Functions of a Cotton Merchant
The Leading Cotton Merchants of the World
U.S./World Supply Demand Statistics
World Raw Cotton Trade


The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and Commodity Exchanges in General
o Functions
o Participants
o Activity of Speculators, Hedge/Index Funds, & Option Traders
o Effects of Speculators on Prices
o Hedging of Prices and Sales
o What is the "Basis?"
o 3 Types of Margins
ICE Weekly, Monthly, & Yearly Price Charts
Cotlook A Index and its Importance for U.S. Cotton
New York Futures vs. Cotlook A Index
Factors Influencing Cotton Prices
Another Commodity Boom around the Corner?



Technical aspects of the ICE No. 2 Contract o Contract Specifications
o Daily Trading Limit
o The Synthetic Close for Futures
o Open Interest in Futures and Options
o Delivery Rules, including "Delayed Certification"
o Certificated Stock
o Premiums/Discounts
o Age Penalties
o Weight Penalties
o Year-of-Crop Penaltie



The May 2010 Seminar welcomed U.S. representatives from merchants, gins and the CCI.

Textile executive from Pakistan with Paul Ruh during May 3-7, 2010 seminar.



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The buying and pricing of raw cotton is now a sophisticated, complicated, and very challenging responsibility that must be handled professionally.

Today, the textile industry is a global industry and we are living in a world full of volatility in commodity prices, foreign exchange, and interest rates. Since raw cotton presents such a large percentage of total input cost, bad judgments in price fixations can seriously affect the profitability of a company.

More and more cotton growers and textile mills around the globe employ the services of consultants to assist them with their cotton pricing and risk management decisions. This is not surprising as cotton is the only major input cost item over which a textile mill has control. 

We have the cotton industry

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knowledge that is required to assist you with your price fixations of "on call" purchases on the New York Cotton Exchange (now ICE) as well as with a variety of risk management strategies.  We also have the necessary experience to guide textile mills through the process of technical arbitrations at the International Cotton Association in Liverpool and at the American Cotton Shippers Association in Memphis. 

We will be happy to customize a training seminar specific to you or your company's needs.
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